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Hi. I’m Marcia Hylton. I’m a Cornell University-trained and certified digital marketing consultant who was once sought out for recruitment by Google, Inc. Yes, Google! You know… the “masters of search.”  Well, in 2006, at the peak of my corporate career, Googles recruiters reached out to me to join their tech team. And what an incredible opportunity that was. But ultimately, the timing wasn’t right for me, so I declined.

20 years leading and training on digital marketing

Today, I’m a digital marketing consultant who trains clients on ways to use the internet to better attract consumers and convert them to customers. I’ve spent almost two decades creating and supporting digital marketing strategies, developing technology, and promoting brands for billion dollar international companies. This includes EVgo (formally a part of NRG — the power industry’s leading company) and Hospital Corporation of America (HCA — an international company and the largest for-profit healthcare system in America) and others.

I’ve also lectured on digital marketing on the college level, trained corporate teams, coached small business owners as well as founded and ran a national award-winning digital marketing agency (which I later sold.)

A techie who was once sought out for recruitment by Google, Inc., I now train clients on ways to reach their ideal customers using SEO and other digital marketing strategies.

I provide training on ways to...
  • Implement tools and techniques for creating a great digital customer experience
  • Build customer relationships and establish solid customer loyalty by developing well-thought-out digital platforms
  • Show you recognize the importance of and give consideration to the digital customer experience and perspective
  • Elevate your company’s search position using savvy search strategies and smart keyword placement
  • Devise an effective keyword strategy for developing better digital copy writing
  • Improve digital platform usability to increase conversion
So what do I do when not training clients on digital marketing strategies? I speak at conferences, write articles (Thrive Global, Medium), and work as a high performance and productivity coach training corporate teams on the entrepreneurial mindset.
I work hard to play hard

But I have very selfish motivations for always giving you my best work. You see, away from the job, I’m mostly a beach bum (wandering the picturesque, golden sands of South Padre Island, Texas with my two rescue dogs), and an island-hopping travel addict who also enjoys playing with acrylics on canvas and being a hobbyist photographer. And since I like maintaining my status quo, I work hard for you as a guarantee that you will rehire me or give me an outstanding referral. To me, it’s always about creating a win-win situation.

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Marcia’s emphasis was on developing content planning for the future while making immediate tweaks to what was already in place. This took some of the pressure off our shoulders and made the task at hand seem far less daunting. In fact, we have already made changes to our social media strategies based on Marcia’s recommended best practices.

John M. Cruise
Owner, Phil and Derek’s Restaurant (Houston, Texas)

Marcia is always the business consulting professional you want on your team. She understands behavior styles and knows how to put everyone at ease the moment she enters the room. She communicates in a style that makes the digital world and social media platforms very understandable for all our partner employees. She has excellent listening skills and works hard to collect information from the right people and insists on developing custom reports and charts to give her best presentation.

Bertrand McHenry
CoFounder and CEO, Vinyl Draught Radio (Houston, Texas)

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